About MPGeCost.com

MPGeCost.com was created because MPGe is misleading. MPGe provides energy equivalency, not cost equivalency. Cost equivalency is really what people care about, because it tells them how much money they will be saving. In order to determine cost equivalency, you must know the MPGe, the current cost of gasoline per gallon, and the current cost of electricity per kwh (or other fuel type you wish to compare) in your area.

Once you have those three pieces of information (MPGe, Gas Cost, Kwh Cost) it becomes a fairly simple math problem to solve cost for a given number of miles traveled. This cost can then be easily compared to the MPG cost for a gallon of gasoline.

Pro Tip: Gasoline MPG is the same as gasoline MPGe. In other words, 18 MPG is the same as 18 MPGe gasoline.

However, while the math is fairly simple, it still takes a few steps to solve, and we didn't want to remember those steps. It's much easier to just visit a website or open an app, plug in the numbers, and get a result immediately.

Head on over to the calculators and get started!